telling the stories of indigenous youth

telling the stories of indigenous youth


Directed & produced by Natasha Deganello Giraudie, One Word is a series of micro-documentaries that tell the stories of single words rescued by visionary indigenous youth, from languages on the brink of being forgotten, as medicine for our ailing relationship with the earth. Through individual personal stories, this series sheds light on timely bio-cultural wisdom to inspire action in support of a better future for generations to come. To market and visually identify the series, we created the hummingbird hero graphic using cut paper art that reveals a greater landscape behind it as a metaphor for the project. The series will be launched in the fall of 2019 on the occasion of the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. To learn more and support One Word please visit The Redford Center.




Visual Identity
Cut Paper Art

One Word Hummingbird Line Art
One Word Emboss
One Word Hummingbird Hero Graphic
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