bringing mindfulness
to education

bringing mindfulness
to education


Since 2007, Mindful Schools has been training educators to bring mindfulness into the classroom. In that time they have impacted over 1.5 million students around the world. We partnered with The Next Us to articulate Mindful Schools’ brand strategy and approach to website design. We collaboratively defined their brand positioning, audience segmentation, and product offerings through a series of group work sessions. With that foundation established, we then built their new brand identity. We visualized each of their brand attributes with mood boards, designed their new logo, and art directed a photo shoot of their work in action. Concurrently, we refined the user experience online and designed their website to provide the tools needed to effectively carry out their work.


Mindful Schools


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
User Experience Design
Website Design

MindfulSchools Logo Pure Stacked
Mindful Schools User Experience Design
MindfulSchools Logo Centered
Mindful Schools Website Concept
Mindful Schools Website Concept
MindfulSchools Logo Stacked Inline
Mindful Schools Stats

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